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This website represents the initiative of a  team composed of experienced MDs and Pharmacists in the field of Clinical Research and it does not belong to any Pharmaceutical Company.

The main purpose of this website is to be a pertinent source of non-promotional information containing clear and simple pieces of information addressed to both patients and healthcare professionals. At the same time, it is meant to be used as an information platform for the Clinical Trials that are being conducted in Romania.  It will contain information about the newly discovered drugs and the up to date worldwide legislation.

The website can be perceived as a link between the Medical and Pacient Associations and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Romanian documents represent hundreds of hours of volunteer work belonging to a dedicated team. These texts do not have an exhaustive character and they are being improved frequently. We are gladly expecting ideas and suggestions via email at or via phone at +40 787 660 128.

The pieces of information provided on this website have a general character, are summarized and are based on public or private materials or articles. The sources are being indicated whenever possible. They are offered by :

  1. Agencies/Public Authorities/Governmental Institutions from Romania and abroad,          
  2. entities involved in similar or identical activities from Romania and abroad,  \
  3. any other sources (e.g. the current Romanian legislation, patients associations, etc.).

The intention and structure of the website and all the information provided to the patients are approved by the National Bioethics Committee of Medicines and Medical Devices- 206NP/15.11.2017 Some of the information are based on materials provided by the Food and Drug Administration, U.S.A. with their permission. For further details please check the specific sections on

Please feel free to consider contributing to this website and any text intended to improve the existing information will be welcomed.

The website is registered at the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

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For more information you can contact us via email at or via phone at +40 787 660 128.